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This is a journal of [personal profile] dreamlittleyo's fic recs for the hell of it. It's pretty much a repository of awesome things I want to be able to find in the future, which means there's no real limit to what fandoms I might link here.

There's also no way this journal is going to be a complete collection of all the fics I love. For one thing, I get easily distracted. For another, I'm starting it too late in the game. I have a ridiculous number of fics bookmarked with no particular system. It will be interesting to see how much luck I have instilling order into that chaos, but I have no delusions of ever being able to "complete" the project.

Note: I don't always copy the extra warnings from the fic headers into my recs. I'll still try to give guidance regarding content people might find dark/disturbing/squicky; and I always link to the top of a given fic post, so you can also check the header info on the fic itself. But just be warned that I don't always include every bit of information.
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